What’s so special about us?

Pen, paper and ruler icon Before - set up

Dedicated account manager*

Our knowledgable and passionate account managers will be with you every step of the way to reduce the time you spend on building your event, adjusting ticket lists and supporting your customers - freeing up your time so that you can make your event even greater.

On-boarding training*

Over the past 20 years, we have found solutions for pretty much every single challenge that you can think of and our advice is relevant, clear and available whenever you need it. Don't waste time and money trying to work it out yourself; let us share success stories with you, so that you can let your creative juices flow.

Product training*

We offer training on our products ranging from full day face to face intensive training through to remote 1 hour sessions via Skype.

Apps and tools demo session*

Get the most out of our products / apps and build the bespoke platform that is perfect for you. Book in your 10-60 minute demo today and you, your team and your customers will benefit from streamlined systems, increasing sales and productivity.

Exclusive access to Eventree - our event management platform*

Lost under a sea of post it notes, frustrated by inadequate spreadsheets? Eventree is your knight in shining armour and will transform how you manage your crew, volunteers and artists attending your event. Crammed full of powerful, bespoke features, Eventree will give you the stress-free-life that you need and will give you total control over your operations.

Calendar with tick iconDuring - tickets live

24 hour support

Supported through our 24hr UK based customer care centre, backed by over 20 years of experience; our customers browse events with ease and purchase tickets through our streamlined order process.

Marketing & Promotions Credit

Not getting the response that your event needs through your ticket agents marketing campaigns? Well fear not. All of our organisers, no matter what the size of the event, can benefit from our exclusive Marketing & Promotions Credit. Build direct, dedicated campaigns to reach the customer audience that is perfect to you and we'll pick up the bill - not bad hey! Click here for more information.

On site support; checking in customers / box office*

We are known throughout the land by having the finest on site team who can either work along side your own team or completely manage the checking in process and enquiries for your customers.

Free use of over 50 tools & apps

We work closely with you guys and we listen to what is needed to help make your job as an event organiser as easy as possible. Our ever increasing list of tools & apps are bespoke and extremely powerful, allowing you to operate smooth processes with ease. Forget the days of working with multiple suppliers or having to outsource to get things done - everything that you need is right here at your fingertips.

Peer-to-peer resale platform

We offer a resale platform where customers can list unwanted tickets for sale. You retain control of the process - you can decide which tickets are eligible for resale and when.

Ambassador scheme

Mobilise an additional workforce to sell tickets for your event! Ambassadors are hugely influencial persuaders, and if you incentivise them with discounted or free tickets, merchandise or treats on-site, they can give a brilliant boost to your numbers. Our platform is simple to use and cost effective.

Calendar with clock iconAfter - event ends

Swift payment

We understand the need to access your funds as quickly as possible once your event has ended, that's why we don't hold onto them or delay payment. Final invoices are added to your organiser control panel 24 hours after your doors close and any outstanding funds are typically transferred within 48 hours from approval.

Clear sales reports

Were sales ok / did you smash your targets? Either way, your next event needs to be even bigger and we know how important it is to be able to analise sales and engage with existing and new fans to increase the size of your event. To help with this ongoing process, you will receive automated reports that are clear and detailed, after your event has finished.

Comprehensive data analysis

Building a solid plan to grow your event year on year is challenging and even more so without the right tools. Utilize the features on your powerful sales dashboard to get better insights and to be able to target the relevant audience. Get real-time reports from heatmaps, markers and postcode tools, clearly showing you how many ticket are sold throughout the UK, giving you the ability to target towns and cities - maintaining strong sales and increasing revenues.

Deposit refund e.g. volunteers

Volunteers can be the life blood of an event but the temptation to get in and disappear into the event may be too much. Use our systems to collect a refundable deposit which we can refund promptly post-event.

Focused debrief session

After the last person leaves your event and the packdown is complete, it is now time to start thinking about your next event. Discussing what went well and what could have gone better is an essential part of this process. Our debrief sessions can be as simple or as detailed as you want them to be and your dedicated account manager will continue to work closely with you until all points have been addressed.

*These services are only available to events when TicketSellers are the exclusive agent and the total revenue of ticket sales applicable to TicketSellers is no less than £25,000.