Is this too good to be true?

It’s ok - this is no joke. We really will give you free cash so that you can spend it on whatever you want. All you need to do is upload your event and start selling tickets today. The more tickets you sell with us, the bigger your credit. Here’s an example of how it works;

Face value of a ticket = £20
Booking fee applied by us = £1.67
Credit paid to you per ticket sold = £0.10
For every 1,000 tickets you sell we will pay you = £100

To activate this, simply log into your account and tick the option in My settings on the Payment details screen.

Getting the most from your Marketing and Promotions Credit

Now you’ve got the cash, how do you get the best return? Well, you could go and buy yourself a pair of shiny new shoes or you could invest it into something like this;

Platform = Facebook
Product = Paid-for post
Budget = £100
Cost = Average of £9.00 to reach 1,000 people
Total reach = 11,000+ fans