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Free events still need support and we’ve got you covered - add your event in minutes

0% + £0 per ticket

Streamlined order process for customers

It’s well known that the easier it is for customers to buy tickets the more likely they are to complete their purchase. With that in mind we’ve designed our checkout process to require as few clicks as possible and frequently check our competitors’ buying processes to make sure we’re still ahead of the pack.

Easy checkout leads to more happy customers all buying tickets for your event.

Mobile app to check in customers

Although it is possible to hire market leading scanning technology from us we know that often smaller events simply don’t need the throughput and durability this offers.

Downloading our mobile app, Box Office is dead easy and free through the App Store. After you have downloaded it, simply log in using your website account details to perform lightning-fast tasks such as; reviewing sales stats in real-time and checking customers tickets for your event.

You can also log into our website to create additional users for our app which will allow your team to check people into the event as well.

Powerful organiser and sales dashboards

We offer a range of powerful reporting tools, so that you can analyse customer data to get clear insights into their buying patterns to help drive sales and increase revenues. Perfect for creating effective campaigns for future events.

Here is a sample of the reports that are available to you:

Order history: this simple report shows you every order placed for your event, the customer’s details and the tickets they purchased.

Sales history: this interactive report shows you daily and cumulative sales for your event. You can customise the display to only include tickets you’re interested in, add notes to remind yourself why your sales were particularly strong one day, and overlay events year on year.

Geographic sales: this interactive map lets you scroll around the world seeing where your customers are based and where your strongest sales areas are. You can run targeted marketing campaigns in strong areas, or target weaker areas to boost sales.

Access to customer data

You can add as many custom questions to the checkout process as you like (abiding by GDPR guidelines) to build up a picture of your audience, or help customise your event to their taste. This data is available to you at any time in a simple Excel download. You can merge this with the order history report to get an overview of customers and their buying habits.

Customised emails and barcodes

Our website provides you with a simple editor to customise the email which every customer of yours receives when they place an order. This is a great place to share your vision for the event, thank them for buying a ticket and set the tone for things to come.

You also have full control over how the barcode tickets for your event look making sure that every customer who arrives has something in their hand that fully reflects your brand.

Ticket widget

We know that most customers looking for tickets will start on your website, so why not let them start the ticket buying process there too? From your organiser dashboard you can copy some code for your web developer to paste into your website. Once installed, the ticket widget will present your current ticket availability to customers on your own website. All our powerful features such as ticket rules, prompts to buy certain tickets, data capture etc are available when using the widget.

Donation tickets and Gift Aid

If you and your event have a charity you want to support why not do it by creating a charity donation ticket? We won’t charge you any fees for doing this and every penny which is donated goes to your chosen charity. What’s more, we’ll add a gift aid declaration to increase donations by 25%.

One-time-use promo codes

Want to offer certain customers the chance to buy tickets before everyone else? Or to get their hands on cheaper tickets without the deal being pasted all over Facebook? One-time links are the perfect way to do this. We will generate as many as you like, each of which unlocks one or more special tickets for the customer to buy. Once they’ve used their link it can’t be used again, so no sharing online.

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Even more powerful, custom-built tools to grow your event and help to increase sales

6% + £0.47 per ticket*

24/7 support for you and your customers

We love being helpful, and actually providing help to your customers (who are in fact also our customers) is what sets us apart from many other ticket agents or ticketing platforms. Rather than simply forwarding emails to the event organisers we have a 24hr UK-based call centre where customers can chat to one of our advisors at any time.

Our research shows that sometimes customers just need to talk to someone to help them understand the ticket options available to them, to answer questions about the event, or perhaps simply because they prefer buying over the phone than online. We’re proud to have been running our call centre for 10 years and invite you to read the feedback our team has received.

Customised data capture

You can add as many custom questions to the checkout process as you like to build up a picture of your audience, or help customise your event to their taste. Questions can be asked once per order, or once per ticket type being purchased. Questions range from gathering the name and age of each ticket holder through to completing multi-question surveys designed to understand the audience’s needs and expectations better.

You can download this data at any time, or we can set up a live report where the data will filter through to a Google Sheet on a regular basis.

Flexible payment plans for customers

We're all price conscious people at TicketSellers. We get it - life is expensive and sometimes customers need to spread the cost of paying for tickets. The problem is, popular events sell out quickly.

So how do you reconcile these two things?

Previously we've launched 2 ways of spreading the cost of payment: EasyPay tickets (pay a deposit followed by as many instalments as you like) and Deposit & Balance tickets (pay the deposit now then pay the balance later).

We're now really pleased to announce a third way to spread the cost of buying tickets: Instalment Plan Tickets.

With these the customer pays an initial deposit when they reserve the tickets. One or two further payments are automatically taken from the same card at fixed points in the future. For example, the customer might buy a ticket on 5th February and the next two payments are scheduled for 1st March and 1st May.

The event organiser chooses how much the initial deposit is and how much - and how frequently - the instalment payments are.

If the customer misses one of the instalment payments they have up to 14 days in which to pay the balance in full. If they're unable to do this then they lose the ticket, although of course they have the option to buy another ticket for the event.

It's simple, customers understand it, and it's another example of the flexibility offered by TicketSellers.

Customised event listing

Although customers are buying tickets from our website we recognise that they are your customers first and foremost. We want you to get your brand in front of them, to excite them about coming to your event and present a consistent image to tie in with your own marketing materials.

You can apply your branding and logo to our event pages which will follow the customer throughout their checkout journey. Combine that with customised emails and tickets and you’ve got a fully branded experience on the go.

Multiple account log in access

As brilliant as you are you probably need a hand organising your event. That’s why you can add more users to your account and delegate permission for key people to access your event sales. You can have as many of these as you like and, as always, there’s no cost to do this.

Facebook app

We know that you reach many of your customers on Facebook so that’s why they can start buying tickets right there, on your Facebook page. Our easy to install Facebook app lets customers see current ticket availability and add their selected tickets to their basket. From there they are taken to our website to complete their purchase.

Reserved seating

We’ve partnered with seats.io to provide integrated seat selections within the ticket buying process. It’s not just seats either, anything you can pick from a map can be incorporated into the customer journey, from tent pitches to picnic tables. Furthermore, seats.io have a suite of ready made seating plans for popular venus around the world making it even easier to get started. Of course, it’s all fully mobile-optimised ensuring that no matter where customers are buying their tickets they can secure the best view.

Short links

We’ve got our own dedicated short link service to make your URLs snappy and easy to remember. When your event has been listed on our website we’ll provide you with a short link along the lines of tkt.to/your-event-name.

Tkt.to, or ticket to has been our short link for around 4 years now and we’re really proud of the virtual space we’ve saved through its usage.

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Perfect for large scale events and festivals, this package will expand as you do

Custom pricing

Dedicated account manager

We have the best bunch of account managers in our industry and we are proud of every single one of them. Whether you want a quick answer to a simple question or you need high level support to build your online event, our account managers are on hand before, during and after your event. They respond promptly, accurately and are knowledgeable with all of our platforms, reducing stress and workload to free up your time, so that you can concentrate on making your event even greater.

Advance funds from ticket sales

We are well aware of the pressures of funding any size event and how tight cash flow can be. For over a decade, we have been supporting our clients with much needed funds, in advance of their gates opening. We can arrange one-off or regular payments, all done quickly and securely by your account manager. Find out if you are eligible and we can discuss setting up your account today.

Equipment for box office and entry

You can check in customers using a printed list or on your phone, but for larger events we recognise that some specialist equipment is often needed. Our scanning system is state of the art following significant investment over the last 12 months. Whether you need a suite of laptops to check people in at your conference, or an armful of rugged, waterproof scanners to check people’s tickets in the middle of a field we’ve got the perfect solution for you.

Experienced on site teams

We are known throughout the land by having the finest on site team who can either work along side your own team or completely manage the checking in process and enquiries for your customers. With over 100 years of experience between them and bursting with passion and knowledge, we have streamlined entry systems, reduced queuing times and increased customer service at multiple events. Don't just take our word for it, ask around and let's start planning!

Free access to Eventree platform

We will pay the Eventree fees on behalf of all customers who sell tickets exclusively through our website. We recognise the value Eventree adds to event organisers and how it streamlines many aspects of the event planning process, particularly where staff accreditation is concerned.

Resale platform for customers unwanted tickets

Over the years we’ve seen firsthand the heartbreaking experiences of customers who’ve bought fraudulent or simply overpriced tickets from secondary ticketing websites, or even just on Facebook. We don’t want your customers’ first experience of your event being getting turned away from the gate after a long drive to get there. We offer a resale platform where customers can list unwanted tickets for sale.

You retain control of the process - you can decide which tickets are eligible for resale and when. You can set price limits to ensure customers aren’t being overcharged.

Customers can choose to list their tickets publically for anyone to buy, or generate a private link for someone they know to buy their tickets. It’s much safer than buying from a stranger online, and much easier too.

Team and Product training

We want you and your team to get the most out of our products, whether it’s the website, Box Office, Eventree or the scanners and software. For that reason we offer a variety of training methods from full day face to face intensive training through to remote 1 hour sessions via Skype. Our team uses our products all year so they know how to get the most out of them. They’re also experienced event professionals who can apply their expertise to help your event run smoothly. Why not book yourself and your team in for some training soon?

*Please note: Due to existing deals that we have with some of our clients, this rate will not be automatically added to your account. Please contact us on info@ticketsellers.co.uk if you would like to switch to this new rate. (We can not adjust a plan once an event has been launched).