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I'm very very sorry to say that due to the new rules we have sadly had to take the decision to postpone the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang show.

Masks would need to be worn and we're not allowed to encourage singing, clapping, cheering participation! Which is a big part of the "experience"

More importantly we had lots of elderly, vulnerable and disabled guests attending and would not want to put them in that position.

In reality most would understandably pull out of attending over concerns of the new variant as would other attendees especially so close to Christmas and we wouldn't want to help spread it with so many attending.

With an announcement on Wednesday things could further get complicated and it has the potential to become a nightmare with people pulling out, a half empty venue with no one allowed to sing and join in which is not how we envisaged our event to go!

I hope you'll understand our decision and massive apologies I can assure you no one is more disappointed than me ! We are thinking of rescheduling to the Easter holiday.