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Rumpus: Mother Nature vs Mother Goose


Islington Metalworks, 7 Torrens St, The Angel, London, London, EC1V 1NQ


06 December 2019

| Doors open: 22:00


This event has now passed and tickets are no longer available.



The rumours are true, we tried to take a break till next year but we missed you too much! And the idea of a Christmas season without a Christmas Rumpus? Well it just didn't bear thinking about! 

Back with a bang bigger than the biggest Christmas cracker, Rumpus returns, rejuvenated and refreshed. We're coming at with you the biggest dance-floor clash since that time David Attenborough took on Steve Irwin. 

Seven rooms over three floors packed to the hilt with live bands, DJs, VJs and more colourful characters than you can shake a stick at. And because we, at Rumpus, believe more is more...there IS more!  Back to carnival up the celebrations we have those flamboyant folk from the Tropical Tea Party, and taking over the main room we have Batov Records and the gyrating gods that are Gypsy Hill. 

Dress Code Suggestions 

Eclectic Elementals, Glamourous Goosey Ganders, Frivolous Faunas, Wicked Wee Willie Winkies, Delightful Dryads, Woolly Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, Fancical Floras, Magical Mother Hubberds, Naughty Nyads, Drenched Dr Fosters, Stunning Nymphs and every Nursery Rhyme Character and Anthropomorphised Elements from every corner of this prolific planet. 



Room 1 - Batov Records Takeover  

The kids from Batov Records are marching into Rumpus and taking over the main room! Featuring their world famous sounds ranging from delicate folk to raucous gypsy-jazz influenced rock, Balkan brass to mariachi-fueled drum n bass, electro blues to Greek disco. 
DJ Kobayashi - Some call him the brains behind Gypsy Hill, others call him the beauty.  We call him to the Rumpus Main Stage! 

Balkanoes - a goulash of Balkan brass and fiddle with klezmer flavours to create hot, soulful party music to get you dancing through the night  

Gypsy Hill - The beast from nearby the Middle East, playing an intoxicating mix of Balkan brass, Mediterranean surf rock, ska & swing.

Penya DJs (Lilli Elina)  

DJ LuDec - Festival favourite Lu, brings the boogie to you with Electric swing and remixed vintage music with world influences 


Room 2 - Tropical Tea Party  

Back with a bang at Rumpus, Tropical Tea Party are bringing their sunshine grooves, flowers and limbo sticks to carnival up the Christmas groove and give the Middle floor their signature tropical makeover.   
Expect the finest Reggae, Afro and Latin music infused dance music from Afro House to Samba Jungle, complete with bags of home-made beats and unreleased dubplates... so go find their fruity hideout, wind yer waist and FEEL WELL TROPICAL!!! 

Hiphoppapotamus & Feline - The mighty Hiphoppapotamus, of high-energy, sunshine-drenched Jungle, breaks and house, is taking to the decks with Feline and his reggae/dubwise/jungle selections and freestyle lyrical firepower 


Love Carnival Ft. Madmax & Ivicore - Mixing the Border Clash Radio style of Madmax with Ivicore's encyclopedic knowledge of street beats Afro, Caribbean and Latin American. 

 Ru Robinson - Spanning the diverse tropical flavours of Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean, whilst dipping and delving in to countless other party sounds. 

Village Cuts - Exploring a foot-stomping blend of pan-African and UK underground music. 


Room 3 - The Bass & Beats Ballroom 


DJ LoRIOca - A tropical sensuality of Baile Funk & Global Beats 

La Lunatica hosted by Enamie - Dirty, dirty Drum n filthy filthy Bass 

 Heleness - Rising from the flames with a soundtrack that'll set fire to the dancefloor!  

Squeaky P Genre fluid journeys combining global beats and bass 

Room 4 - Balkan Roast

Penny Metal - The maddest tunes played by London's maddest DJ 

King Cassady - A bartab-running, come-rain-or-come-sunning trio of troubadours. 


Room 5 - The Courtyard 


Our resident master of music, DJ theAlchemist brings his merry band of cohorts to our cheerily chilled inside outside space. Featuring: DJ theAlchemist, Graham Eden of Edensounds infamy and Rosebud Lix 

Room 6 - The Wonderland Cafe 

Raising money for WYCE, the wonderful Wonderland lot bring you tea, cakes and the coziest place to sit down. 

Room 7 - The CineRave 

 VJ Harper brings you visuals and beats to get you grinding