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Rumpus: Jingle Bells and Bats out of Hell!

Electrowerkz, 7 Torrens Street, Angel, London, N1 2HZ


This event has now passed and tickets are no longer available.


14 December 2018 - 15 December 2018
Doors Open
Event Ends
Age Restriction
18 and over
Dress Code
Event Organiser

Headline Acts


T'is the season to make folly, Fah la la la lah la-la lah lah. 
Dress up or dress down.  Frankly, my dear, we don't give a damn, but if we gotta be damned, we wanna be damned dancing through the night with you! 
So, buff up your baubles, detangle your tinsel and help the Fairy from the tree! Heaven can wait, but the Bats out of Hell ain't that patient!   
It's time for all Jingle Belles to essay a sashay and shimmy in seasonal sport.   Are you all revved up with nowhere to go?  Saturday night might be alright for fighting but Friday night is Rumpus!   
The partridge is in the pear tree and we're stocked up on figgy pudding. Putting the Adventure in Advent, live out your rock and roll dreams and be sure that there's not a dry eye in the house.  
There's no doubt a certain fool for Yule from the Rumpus crew will have all his dreams come true with this medley of Meatloaf inspired magnificence.  Well maybe not all...I hear he'll do anything for love, but he won't do that. 
For the possible presence of presents, for the future of Christmas Past, for crying out loud: not everyone is a dead ringer for love, but come see paradise by the dashboard light!  After all, two out of three ain't bad.   
So, please, step sidewise into the mystical, magical, musical, mulled mayhem that is Rumpus and see the other side of Santa. 

Dress Code Suggestions 

Jingle Belles & Bats out of Hell, 
Prepare your finest gear 
Dress up and dance 
Respect Romance 
And party with those you hold dear. 

Belles of the Bauble, Denim-clad DivasGowned Gorgeousness, Motor-mad MinstrelsFrocked Fantasticals, Bad-ass BikersFurbiloed, Frilly Fanatics,  Leather LovelinessTinselled Twinkle-toes, Long-haired Lotharios, Romantic Rockers,  Festive Freaks

Main Room  

Rum Buffalo - surreal swing and twisted harmony from the most regal of regency renegades 

King Punch - Bounce and drive through the night with upbeat melodies to gladden your heart and keep those dancing feet flying. 

Happy Slap Boutique - Happy Slap Boutique will be kicking up a storm with eye-watering performances and mind-bending DJs to feed your frenzied feet. 

LuDec - Electric swing and remixed vintage music with world influences  

Sergio Falomir - foot-tapping, thigh-slapping, skirt-twirling pant-swinging electro-latino beats  

Room 2 - The Guest Room  

Hosted by Moodswings.
(Full line-up coming soon!)

Room 3 - Beats & Bass Ballroom 

Rockit Riyad - Harder, Longer, Faster!  

NeoPink  funky fast beats and breathtaking heat.

Jamie Moon - keeping your hips and lips twitching, the best dressed DJ in town .

Ocelus -  more information coming soon!

Room 4 - Balkan Roast Room

Hannah's Jazzles - more info coming soon 

Late Night Blues Experience more info coming soon 

Slow Mojo - Blues, funk and good ol' rock 'n' roll!  Turning heads and tapping toes with colour spark and unbridled raw energy.  

Swamp Stomp String band - more info coming soon 
Balkan Beat Bar balkan, swing and cumbia laced with dancehall   

Room 5 - the Courtyard 

Once again, the busiest indoor outside space will be peopled with artists, face-painters and circus spectacularists! All overseen by the kindly eye of the legendary DJ The Alchemist and his talented crew. 

Room 6 - Wonderland Cafe  

Those rainbow children and charitable chai peddlars will once again be providing comfort and succour in the form of tea and cake.  

Room 7 - Rumpus CineRave 

VJ Harper weaving the best beats with the most vibrant visuals!  
Room 8 - Secret Mini-Rave  
Search and you will find the loudest, bounciest, filthiest fun-times dancing! No signposts, this is a treasure to seek out!!